What is MyPlan?

"MyPlan" is:

  • A quick title for your Personal Plan of Study or Six-Year Plan.
  • The comprehensive list of high school classes, activities, and work experiences you select to help you get ready for the future you seek after high school and beyond.
  • The action plan you create to attain the educational achievement and performance levels needed to reach your personal and career goals.
  • Your personalized path to the career of your choice.
    • Research indicates that students with well-developed plans are more successful in school, life, and work.
    • We all need good information to make good decisions. Exploring all of the options that interest you will lead you to the "MyPlan" that works for you.
    • Use Missouri Connections to develop your personal plan of action.

MyPlan Materials

These materials are designed to assist you in effectively utilizing MyPlan.