What Can Missouri Connections Do for Me?

Determining your future is a life-long journey that requires many decisions along the way! Multiple opportunities await you, so prepare yourself for any option. The decisions are yours! Missouri Connections is a tool to help you make those decisions, create your plan and achieve success as you define it. It is a "one- stop-shop" that takes your education and career planning to a higher level.


With Missouri Connections you can:

  • Better understand yourself, explore your interests, and discover your talents.
  • Investigate education and career options so you can create a Personal Plan of Study or "MyPlan" that is right for you.
  • Use the abundant resources for college and training exploration, finding options to finance your future education, understanding employment skills, and learning about high demand jobs in careers that interest you.
  • Make the connection between school, learning, and your future in the work world.
  • Develop a plan as you find answers to these important questions:
    • Who Am I?
    • Where Am I Headed?
    • How Do I Get There?