What's New

  • Personalized Learning Plan
    • Users can new edit the on-line plan components with ease
  • Interest Profiler Short Form
    • Users can now respond to 60 items (long form has 180 items) to help identify their interests and match a wide variety of careers
    • Short Form is useful for users who are short on time and younger users
  • Interactive Learning Styles Survey
    • Users can now save results to their portfolio and personal learning plan
  • Accessibility Improvements
    • Enhanced screen reader experience--including better skip navigation, labeling, and identification of tables
  • Personal Learning Plan
    • Site Administrator can change the state-default graduation requirements in the plan template to site-specific requirements
  • Workplace Employment Skills Survey
    • Users can evaluate their employability skills
  • Components available in Spanish
    • Entrepreneurs Quiz


Career Trek logo
  • Interactive career exploration resource for use with students in grades 3, 4, and 5
  • Users can explore careers, interest areas, and employability skills


  • Activities coded for American School Counselor Association (ASCA) new Mindset and Behaviors standards
  • Ability to sort on the new Mindset and Behavior standards
  • Updated lesson activities with new look and feel
Curriculum enhancements screenshot