What Can Missouri Connections Do for Me?

As parents and guardians, you obviously have a lot invested in your child! Your love, concern for their well-being, desire for their success, sense of responsibility, and sincere wish to see them be a happy child and achieving student that matures into a successful adult are driving forces in your life.


What's at stake?

  • Their personal educational and career success
  • Their self concept
  • Your peace of mind
  • Your financial investment


Part of the parenting role is to help your child chart their course in life. It's a life-long journey that requires many decisions along the way! Missouri Connections is a tool to help your child learn about career options and job expectations so they can make sound educational and career decisions for creating a plan to achieve success as they define it. Missouri Connections is a "one- stop-shop" that takes their education and career planning to a higher level.


With Missouri Connections and your support, they can:

  • Better understand themselves, explore their interests, and discover their talents.
  • Investigate education and career options so they can create a Personal Plan of Study or "My Plan" that is right for them.
  • Use the abundant resources for college and training exploration, find options to finance their future education, understand employment skills, and learn about high demand jobs in careers in which they have interest.
  • Make the connection between school, learning, and their future in the work world.
  • Develop a unique plan as they seek their own answers to important questions, like:
    • Who Am I?
    • Where Am I Headed?
    • How Do I Get There?