Where Do I Begin?

Become knowledgeable of the many components in Missouri Connections:

  • Assessments: Personal interests, values, skills and more
  • Career occupation descriptions and videos
  • Education: Colleges and universities, community colleges, vocational & technical schools, apprenticeships, and the military
  • Descriptions and links to Missouri and national universities, colleges, and vocational & technical schools
  • Scholarships and financial options
  • Military education, careers and occupations
  • Real time job opportunities
  • Employment skills
  • Resumes
  • Reference materials for students, parents, and adults on the front page

Links and Resources


Career Development Curriculum and Activities:

Be sure to use the following educator resources that are provided in all versions of Missouri Connection (Junior or Middle School, High School, College, and Adult).

  • Activity Map or Section Map
  • Career Plan
  • Implementation Framework
  • Tools for Users
  • Tools for Counselors and Teachers
  • Checklists
  • Course Planner (high school)
  • Application Tracker (high school)
  • Training and Support